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BITALIS 10 ft Snooker Table

Bitalis-classic-green-3 Bitalis-classic-burgundy Bitalis-classic-blue Bitalis-lueur Bitalis-design Bitalis-contrast Bitalis-tokyo bitalis-pool-table bitalis-pool-table-2 bitalis-classic-montmartre
Bitalis – Truly, style and individuality personified.

A revolutionary and futuristic billiard table that speaks for a new age in cue sport where professional standards of play are available to all and tables are designed to reflect contemporary desires using contemporary materials.

Richard Bitalis, icon of French Billiards, in collaboration with five geniuses from the Valenciennes Superior Institute of Design spent several months working hard on this project. After many meetings and much concentration, the object of their desire was finally born, and Bitalis proudly placed his name on this innovative table.

In the words of the master himself:

“This is my Marshals Baton, the icing on the cake of a full career. I hope that amateurs and professionals will get satisfaction and pleasure from this original and high quality table. My sportiest regards!”

A combination of ground iron body frame and 80mm levellers support the 150mm post formed frame and unbelievably thick sectional slate. The sweeping lines of the Bitalis industrial under carriage are softened and complemented by a leather clad, soft padded foam apron. For the purist, a slate heating system can be provided. For the aesthete, subtle underframe lighting enhances the moody feel of this giant amongst pool tables. Also available as Match Carom table and Full size American 9’ Pool table.

Bitalis can be manufactured to your exacting specification. Shown are our most popular combinations:

Bitalis Classic – Blue cloth, wenge frame, blue cloth and brown leather with internal lighting.

Bitalis Lueur – Burgundy cloth, wenge frame and legs, grey structure and white leather.

Bitalis Design – Black cloth, grey frame and legs, stainless steel structure and black leather.

Bitalis Contraste – Yellow-green cloth, beech frame and legs, grey structure and champagne leather.

Bitalis Tokyo – Electric blue cloth, black frame and legs, grey structure and black leather.

Also shown is a Bitalis Classic in burgundy cloth, green cloth and at Cercle Clichy- Montmartre

Technical characteristcs :

- 120 mm U- shaped ground iron body frame

- 4 jacks upgrade 80 mm diameter

- foamed structure with leather cover

- 15 cm post formed frame

- Diamond honed sectional slates accurate to within 1/20th of a millimetre

- 50 mm for 280 (9,2 ft), 60 mm for 310 (12ft) , optional 80 mm slate for 310 (12ft)

- Kleber Michelin competition quality cushions


9’ American Pool – exterior 284cm x 167cm, playing area 254cm x 127cm

10’ Snooker/Match Carom – exterior 315cm x 172.5cm, playing area 285cm x 142.5cm


Custom Bitalis cover

Air Bitalis light

Under surface heating

LED lighting

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