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Debuchy Blackball Football Table Blackball-4 Blackball-5 Blackball-3 Blackball-7 Blackball-6 Be surprised by our designers’ sense of innovation and creativity when discovering the unusual lines of our Blackball model.


This table will make you forget that old wooden football table from the youth club of your childhood, you will be charmed by subtle curves, the smoothness of the players and the quality of the irresistible game!

Entertainment should always be part of our lives!
Our designers have created a football table with unparalleled playing comfort and revolutionary design.

Individually numbered players in chrome and aluminium. Because the player design embodies our search for a more contemporary aesthetic in harmony with the table.

Choose between round or long handles according to your preference, equipped with soft rubber grips that are both non-slip and anti-sweat to ensure your comfort and accurate control.
Scoring : The scoring on the Blackball has an option for automatic detection by touch-sensitive electronic sensors.
LED lighting to the pitch enables the creation of atmosphere to match all your moods!
The elegance is enhanced by the discreet integration of the ball returns in the cabinet side and the aesthetics of the goal cage with echoes of the goal nets in which you score.

We wanted to go further with our tables, especially the Blackball. Our customers now want to customize even more, particularly by incorporating new technologies that no one had thought before to associate with table football. Your interior makes a statement about you, whether it is modern, clean, warm, designer, colourful, simple, classic … Your football table must perfectly fit into your living room, without jarring with your design concept.
The Blackball was designed to be unique!


All our foosball are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled
Official competition pitch
Rustproof metal frame
Thermoformed PMMA shell and basin
Chromed, dawn steel telescopic bars, diameter 15mm
Centralized balls return integrated to basin
Gerflex covering
Chromed steel ironsmith


External dimensions: L 175 x W 86 (110 including handles) x h 94 cm
Weight: 120kg


Chromed aluminum players
Chromed aluminium handles, round or long, equiped with soft-grip rubber
Stainless steel brushed aluminum goal cages
Touch-sensitive LED scoring , automatic goals Sensors
Cylinders for the upgrade
60 possible colors for fieldlines
Comes with 11 cork balls

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