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  • Aramith Pro Cup TV Pool Ball American Size
Super Aramith Pro-Cup TV 2 1/4″ (57.2mm) size cue ball is a brand new and great looking product.

This Super Aramith Pro-Cup TV pool cue ball is a brand new and great looking product. Made out of the most advanced Aramith Pro-Cup phenolic resin and used worldwide in virtually all official tournaments.

This unique pool cue ball will enhance your performance. This is one of the most sought-after items in billiards. This pool cue ball has six red spots on its surface.

One advantage of the pro cup pool cue ball is that it makes it easy to visualize the rotation of the ball. You instantly see any inconsistencies in your shot. These pool cue balls are used on UK Pool tables and are compatible with UK home and pub 6ft & 7ft tables.

It is made in Belgium by Aramith. They are renowned as the worlds finest pool cue ball manufacturers. Aramith pool cueballs will retain their shape and sharp colouring far longer than any other manufactured pool cue balls.

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