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Someone will always end up spilling something on the pool table at some stage during its lifetime! Pool table tops get dirty – drink spills, chalk marks and powder, dirt build-up, accidents with food, just to name a few possibilities. Regularly cleaning the felt top is important to help keep it looking great and to prolong its life.

pool and snooker cloth cleaner from Ambersil is a baize cloth cleaner ideal for pool table and snooker table cleaning. Formulated to remove chalk marks and other light contamination from tablecloths. Before use, brush cloth to remove any loose contamination such as chalk particles. Apply a light even coating and brush off, or wipe away with a clean, lint free .

Appearance: clear colourless liquid
Odour: perfumed
SG 25°C: 0.93 Pressure 25°C: 4.5 Bar
Discharge rate: 2.1 g/sec
Solubility: soluble in water, alcohols and ketones
Flammability: classified as extremely flammable under CHIP Regulations
Flashpoint: not applicable in sealed aerosol
Packaging: 400 ml aerosol.

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