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  • Sam American Pool Table Regenta Slate 9ft

SAM pays tribute to the noblest classic tradition in period billiards manufacturing with the Regenta pool table. More than seventy individually crafted pieces are lovingly assembled by hand to produce this majestic table. The steel slate carrier, ensuring a professional standard playing surface, is encased in beautifully crafted oak, available in a variety of woodstains and painted finishes. Stylish hand inlaid sighting spots are complemented by a distinctive silver hallmark. Black leather pockets are supplied as standard, other colours and custom shielded pockets available on request. The Regenta represents a symbol of prestige and exclusiveness for high class pool venues and homes of distinction.

The SAM Professional range has come to represent the highest possible standard in Pool and Carom, the world over. Chosen for use by numerous International Billiards Federations and Associations, SAM tables now dominate the professional commercial markets in Europe and many countries across the globe. These same tables can deliver the same exacting standards to you in your home.

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